Survey Sickle Cell and Hearing Loss

Dr. M. Dawn Nelson, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Audiology at Central Michigan University. She has an 18 year old daughter with Sickle Cell Disease SS. Dr. Nelson is currently directing research studying the association between dizziness/balance and hearing problems and Sickle Cell Disease.

Dr. Nelson attended a Sickle Cell conference at the FDA (February 7, 2014) where many persons with Sickle Cell Disease expressed interest in research related to hearing loss. Since then, she has been contacted by the FDA who reported many individuals from the conference had been contacting FDA, interested in being involved in a research study, which has now been developed. This research survey has received the appropriate University Institutional Review Board approval and is ready for distribution.
All Adults Living with Sickle Cell Disease are strongly encouraged to complete a short survey. Your responses to the survey will help Dr. Nelson to evaluate the correlation between Sickle Cell Disease and dizziness/balance and hearing problems. Dr. Nelson is confident that with enough survey completions from sickle cell patients, she can ultimately make a significant contribution towards a better quality of life for the Sickle Cell community. But your completion of this important survey, as soon as possible, is necessary in order to be successful.

Please find below the email and Facebook links to the survey