PhenX Toolkit Seeks Comments

The Toolkit provides standard measures related to complex diseases like sickle cell disease, phenotypic traits and environmental exposures. Use of PhenX measures facilitates combining data from a variety of studies, and makes it easy for investigators to expand a study design beyond the primary research focus. All Toolkit content is available to the public at no cost.

Information about the project is available at The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) awarded RTI International a four-year cooperative agreement to expand and enhance the PhenX Toolkit at

An important aim of this grant is to review the measures in the 21 research domains after receiving input from the scientific community.

Please take a few minutes to review the measures in these PhenX domains: Demographics, Environmental Exposures, and Social Environments. Your rating (number of stars) should reflect how useful this protocol is to your work and its relevance to the PhenX Toolkit. We tried to make it easy for you to rate the measures you are familiar with; you do not have to rate all of them. Please click Review PhenX Toolkit Measures to rate and comment on these measures.