Children’s Book: ABOUT MY FRIEND JEN

“There is nothing that my friend Jen can’t do, but on the inside, she’s a little different to me and you.”
As Jen’s friend tells us a story, you will learn a few simple tips on how to stay well with Sickle Cell.
A Little Different is the first in the series of My Friend Jen books. The series of rhyming children’s books aims to create better understanding and awareness of the blood disorder sickle cell anemia in a fun and informative way.
Award winning author, and publisher Jenica Leah is one of the UK’s leading sickle cell ambassadors. Living with sickle cell anemia herself, she has battled with the many complications that come with the condition and has never let this hold her back.
After undergoing total hip replacement surgery at the age of 25, Jenica Leah vowed to help others living with the sickle cell condition by being more open about her health and her journey, and by doing more to create awareness and get people talking about it.
The My Friend Jen children’s book series is just one of the ways in which she does this.
  • Fun and easy to read story on an educational topic, encouraging children to learn about one of the most common genetic disorders in the world.
  • Story written from a real-life perspective with passion and the drive to inspire readers.
  • The simple yet factual information in the story makes it a great teaching tool.
  • It’s rhyming and rhythmic writing style makes it easy to read and remember key facts
“An excellent book for young children affected by sickle cell disorders.” – Professor Dame Elizabeth N. Anionwu
“A great resource for families and health professional: encourages good self-care & education of all around to see the person beyond the difference.”  – Dr C J Wright, FRCP, FRCPath
“This book is well written particularly for young patients to understand more about their condition. It is indeed a useful reference and my firm view is that it should be easily accessible to all.” – Dr S Pancham, Specialist in Hematology.