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Write your representatives to advocate for programs, services and research efforts for the sickle cell community. Advocacy is just one more way you can make a difference.

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SCD is diagnosed with a simple blood test. It most often is found at birth during routine newborn screening tests at the hospital. In addition, SCD can be diagnosed before birth.
Because children with SCD are at an increased risk of infection and other health problems, early diagnosis and treatment are important.

Crowd of children, different ages and races in front of the school, breaktime

It is truly a happy day to know that our cries are finally being heard. We know there is still much more work to be done, but with the continued help and support from Sickle Cell Patients and their families, we will hold true to our number one belief, which is to fulfill the needs and dreams of all those that battle with Sickle Cell Disease.

As always, thank you for visiting the Heart of Gold Sickle Cell Foundation of Northern Virginia, Inc. It is our mission to serve as an advocate for adults and children in the Northern Virginia area. Our organization is structured to educate, mentor, and support those that battle with Sickle Cell Disease. We appreciate your time, and your donation. By working together, we can all help break the Sickle Cell Cycle.


Clarissa E. Pearson, Founder
Heart of Gold Sickle Cell Foundation
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