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Heart of Gold is designed to support, not replace, the patient-physician relationship. Patients should always check with their doctors before making any changes in their medication or treatment.

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The Heart of Gold Sickle Cell Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia. We advocate for people and their families affected by sickle cell disease. Our founder and CEO, Clarissa Pearson was born with sickle cell disease and passed away in 2021 because her body became too weak from the wear and tear of this terrible illness.

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In Memory of our Founder

Clarissa Pearson

Clarissa Pearson passed away on March 10, 2021 a few days before her 42nd birthday. Clarissa was born with sickle cell disease, and the injuries she sustain in her life long fight eventually became too much for her frail body to endure. Never was there a true spirit of a sickle cell warrior than Clarissa Pearson. She was also a mom, daughter, cousin, friend, Non-profit CEO, AKA and much more! Her life was one of trials and suffering and hospital stays and multiple blood transfusions.

Our Founder
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Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, a friend, a family member or a provider, sickle cell advocacy is important as we work toward a universal cure. Please visit the links below to find resources to help you advocate for key legislative issues that are important to individuals living with SCD and their families.

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