The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommended classifying sickle cell disease — a painful blood condition mostly affecting Black people and Hispanic populations — as a health disparity. 

Traditionally underfunded and undertreated due to the people it affects, patients have suffered in silence, lacking access to comprehensive care, expert providers and clinical trials. 

The Heart of Gold Sickle Cell Foundation of Northern Virginia is proud to partner with INOVA’s team at the Adult Sickle Cell Center located at 8081 Innovation Park Drive on the 4th floor Skyline Clinic in Fairfax. 

The center provides comprehensive outpatient care services for patients 18 years and older. Often chastised for frequent use of emergency and hospital resources, adult sickle cell patients in Northern Virginia have a new clinic to help in managing their disease.

Other services for sickle cell patients include:

* Same-day appointments for urgent needs such as a patient experiencing a sickle cell crisis

* Ongoing pain management 

* Medications to reduce the harmful effects of red blood cell sicklying 

* Social services support *SCI Infusion Clinic *IV fluid and pain medication for patients experiencing a sickle cell pain crisis 

Schedule an appointment with an INOVA Sickle Cell Center Physician. For routine and urgent appointments call 571-472-1390 

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